20170629_180828Maybe it seems silly or weird to say but I am so happy to have little floral and pink dresses all hung in a row with matching hairbows lined up on the shelf in the closet upstairs…to know this adorable little girl nursery with flowers and birds and ribbons and bows and ruffles is just a few steps away.

It makes me so happy to know I’ll go in every morning to her blue eyes and dimpled smile…to that sweet little laugh as she bounces in her bed and her excitement when she sees me.

I’m so grateful to have a daughter!

20170629_181216I am so grateful I get to watch her grow…to meet her and learn her little personality.  I wonder if she’ll like babies? Or animals?  Or barbies?  Or cars?  I wonder if she’ll play soccer?  Or want to do dance or gymnastics?  I wonder what her favorite color will be?  I wonder if she’ll be girly?  Or a tomboy?  Or both?  I wonder what she’ll be when she grows up?  I wonder if she’ll get married?  And be a mommy?

I love her beyond comprehension already.  Is it weird to say I’m proud of her already?  Before any of her little life has happened?

I hope I can be the mommy she needs and deserves.  I hope she will always know that no matter what she does or who she becomes or the choices she makes for her life I will always love and support her.  I will never stop trying to be the mommy she needs.  I will always be proud and grateful to be her mommy.

And I will forever be grateful God blessed me with the experience of having a daughter…my beautiful baby girl…my little Elizabeth Grace.

20170629_153639-1One year old already.

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